ENSA Dijon Art & Design
École Nationale Supérieure d'Art
3 rue Michelet, bp 22566
21025 Dijon cedex, France
03 80 30 21 27

Ministère de la Culture
et de la Communication



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The school
Requirements for admission
Presentation of majors
Studies organisation
The system of assessment
Poles of research
International mobility

Facilities: studios and workshop areas

Manufacturing workshop, Graphic design and screenprinting, Multi-purpose workshop, Photo studio, Video workshop, Sound studio, School library and Loan library

Practical information:

School registration fees
Plastic art workshops
Cultural activities




Erasmus students or students not coming from the European Community who have been admitted into our School according to our international agreements are not liable to registration fees if they have paid registration fees in their own school or university.

The same rules and duties apply to them as to all other students in our School. Namely they have to take part in conferences as well as in the study trips organised by our institution.

The registration forms below must be filled in and sent back with a personal dossier before the following deadlines:

June 1st for the first term

December 1st for the second term.


Theoretical classes are given in French. Yet a number of teachers speak fluent English, Spanish, German, Italian, Korean and Japanese. Free French classes are held at the Université de Bourgogne to the benefit of Erasmus students.


Students may be accomodated on the Université de Bourgogne campus, fifteen minutes away from our School on the bus. The monthly rent is 160 Euros all included. One month’s rent deposit will be required.

Cost of living in Dijon

Average monthly budget : 500 to 600 Euros

This budget includes:

Accomodation: 160 Euros

Food: 200 Euros (one meal taken at the University Restaurant costs about 3 Euros)

Materials for School work: 50 to 70 Euros

Culture (books and outings): 50 Euros

Transports : 40 Euros (a monthly bus card costs 28 Euros, one TGV return ticket to Paris costs 50 Euros, for students under 25).

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Download the practical guide for international student living in Dijon